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Noteworthy Music Studio

1202 Suite A Main Street

Benton, KY  42025

Jenny Darnall (270)703-1581
Kelly Weaver (270)210-3574




Offering piano, guitar,
percussion, and voice lessons.


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Advanced Piano 1 Syllabus

Early Musician Class Goals


Our Hope

We hope to provide the opportunity and environment to develop one’s  musical talents.  Our desire is to offer the expertise and  encouragement needed for students to become skilled musicians.

Reading music and developing skills in playing an instrument are lifelong skills that are beneficial in so many different walks of life, and it would be our pleasure to assist students in becoming those musicians who play for their own enjoyment and for the enjoyment of those around them.



Our students

  • have a choice in the songs they play

  • have multiple opportunities for public performance such as the

    • Annual Christmas Performance at Stilley House Assisted Living

    • Annual Spring Recital

    • Ameribration Youth Talent Showcase in Calvert City

  • follow a structured practice schedule

  • play theory games like Tempo Markings Charades and Staff Twister

  • learn about famous composers

  • have the opportunity to participate in educational activities associated with the Murray Music Teacher's Association like their annual HymnFest

  • play ensemble pieces

  • challenge each other to be better musicians

  • challenge us to be better teachers



Jenny Darnall




Kelly Weaver

Jenny Darnall—a teacher of piano since 1998 as well as church pianist and choir director at Pleasant Grove UMC, I spend a great deal of time in front of the keyboard.  In addition to my private piano lessons, being a teacher of English and French at Marshall County High School also requires me to spend a great deal of time perfecting my teaching methods. I’m looking forward to using my experience in front of the piano and my experience in front of a class to help more students recognize the joy of competent piano playing.
  Kelly Weaver—a leader in church music since 1996 in different positions, including pianist and choir director, I am experienced in teaching music to children and adults.  Also, my roles as a social studies teacher at Marshall County High School and the mother of three daughters, I believe, have helped prepare me for this opportunity to share my love of music with others. 



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